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Blizzard Announce Diablo 3

by Dave Elliott

There’s been rumour, speculation, hype, and mystery, but it’s finanlly official… Blizzard announced today at their Worldwide Invitationtal in Paris that they are working on Diablo 3.

The speculation that this was going to be a ‘World of Diablo’ MMO was off though. Diablo 3 is sticking to it’s RPG roots, and seems to be a very updated, polished continuation of the Diablo RPG franchise, in the same way Starcraft 2 is an update of Starcraft. To me this makes a lot of sense. Why risk splitting the WoW playerbase with another MMO when you can expand out into other areas.

Quick rundown of things so far:

  • Action RPG
  • Same isometric camera positioning (although you can zoom in and out).
  • Destructible and interactive environments (is it a chest?… Or is it a trap!)
  • New class – Witch Doctor (pet class with mind control)
  • Improved control system (hotbars, and using the mousewheel to switch skills)
  • New drop -  Red orb health ‘powerups’ help keep the game moving at a lightning pace.

Have to say it’s looks pretty awesome. I love a good Action RPG, and Diablo 3 is looking like a superb Action RPG!

A few shots from the demo video:

See more at the Official Diabo 3 Site, including a gameplay trailer, a cinematic trailer, and a load more!

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