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DON’T PANIC, Hitchhiker’s Gets a New Author.

by Dave Elliott


They did it with Bond, and now Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy is getting a new author.

16 years after the last novel, Jane Belson, Douglas Adam’s widow, has commisioned Eoin Colfer to continue the adventures of Arthur Dent in a new Hitchiker’s book entitled ‘And Another Thing…’

Eoin Colfer is best known for the best-selling Artemis Fowl novels. I’m not totally sure if i agree with the idea of not Adam’s written Hitchhiker’s. I don’t envy the task Mr. Colfer has set himself. I can imagine the fan backlash on this being huge if he gets it wrong (or even just for attempting to write it in the first place)… We shall have to wait and see.

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