Home PC Gaming Rlmggrmrll Mrmlbrmgmrgllbaba! (‘Let’s Ride!’… in Murloc)

Rlmggrmrll Mrmlbrmgmrgllbaba! (‘Let’s Ride!’… in Murloc)

by Dave Elliott

Well here’s something you don’t see everyday… even in Azeroth!

2 Murlocs (kinda) and a motorbike

2 'Murlocs' on a motorbike

It’s 2 alliance players in Murloc Costumes on a Mekgineer’s Chopper. I’m currently levelling engineering to 450 so i can make the Horde equivalant (the Mechano-hog). Then it’s  just the issue of grinding Horde Expedition rep to Exalted, and grinding the huge amount of gold needed to make it…

Wow have posted a whole gallery of people on their hogs and choppers at their site.

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