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Total Recall Recalled!

by Dave Elliott
The First Total Recall

The First Total Recall

You know, at the rate Hollywood are remaking movies, i’m probably going to have 2 versions of every movie in my collection my the time i’m 50. Latest film to succumb to the complete lack of imagination of Hollywood execs is Total Recall. At least they chose to stick with announcing a ‘remake’ rather than going down the current trendy route of claiming they’re ‘rebooting’ Total Recall. Whatever happened to being happy making a sequel?

Kurt Wimmer writer of The Thomas Crown Affair, and Equilibrium is the one scribing this ‘contemporised adaptation’ of the Philip K. Dick novel ‘We Can Remember It For You Wholesale’, which the 1st Total Recall was also (very loosely) based on. Whether Wimmer decides to stick closer to K. Dick’s plot remains to be seen.

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