Coloud Marvel Headphones Review

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08 Jun 10

Coloud Marvel Punisher Headphones

Here at GeekTown, we obviously love gadgets. What we love even more though are gadgets with a geeky twist, so the new range of headphone from Coloud are really up there on the scale of geeky awesomeness!

Coloud have release 2 new ranges of headphones, one with a Star Wars flavour, and the other with Marvel comic motifs.

The pair of  i’ve been trialing for this review were the Punisher branded ones from the Marvel range, which I found particularly awesome due to the fact they have a large skull shaped Punisher logo on either side! Others in the Marvel range include Hulk, Iron Man, X-Men, and Wolverine. The Star Wars range include a Darth Vader, a generic Star Wars branded set, and a rebel alliance set.

Yes, they look geekily great, but being headphones, there is the rather import issue of whether they are any good. Thankfully, i can say that they do live upto the kick ass logos emblazed on the sides. I actually have a pretty decent pair of headphones I use in the office to block out noise when i’m coding, but i actually found the coloud one’s even more effective. They have a really decent sound quality too, and a good solid bass to them. Overall i was really pretty impressed!

RRP £34.99

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Coloud Marvel Punisher Logo Headphones – Black

Coloud Marvel Hulk Headphones – Black

Coloud Marvel X-Men Retro Headphones

Coloud Marvel Wolverine Headphones – Black Blue