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The Three Types Of App You Need To Download For Your Daily Commute

by Jason Smith

The Three Types Of App You Need To Download For Your Daily Commute

The daily commute is back in full swing as millions of people flock to their local train station, bus stop and subway to make the dreaded return to the office after over a year working from home.

It’s not going to be an easy task settling into the old routine, but of course one great aspect of that commute is the ability to bury yourself into your Android and enjoy the millions of apps the Google Play store has to offer. But what are the best apps to be enjoying on your daily journey into work?


Of course, we’re going to start with gaming. There are millions of mobile gamers around thanks to the huge range of games available, from puzzles and strategy to casino games, where you’ll find some of the best AU online casinos has to offer.

Casino games have been a huge hit on mobile over the last 12 months with online casino real money having reported huge growth in players. And it’s a similar story across other areas of gaming, with many major game builders seeing exponential growth.


For many of us, the daily commute is a chance to catch up with what’s going on in the world and there are dozens of great apps to do so, from major outlets like the BBC and Fox through to more niche news outlets that drill into specific areas, such as sport.

You can find out more about the best news apps available by clicking here.

Work Apps

Of course, you may wish to get started on work, and there are so many apps to download to provide you with a helping hand. The likes of Microsoft Office and Google both have apps to download the likes of Excel or Sheets, while it’s so simple to attach work emails to your phone and the like.

While we all need downtime prior to arriving in the office, having a space where you aren’t going to be distracted by colleagues can be productive. Even if it is sat on a busy train.

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