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How To Start An Action Figure Collection

by Dave Elliott

Welcome, fellow enthusiasts! You’re about to jump into the exciting realm of action figures. This guide is for all newbies and people with a newfound curiosity about this captivating hobby.

Action figures are not just toys—they’re tributes to your beloved heroes and villains from page, screen, or console. It’s a miniaturized homage to your favourite characters, a tangible chunk of memorable narratives. The reasons for collecting them are as varied as the figures themselves. From reliving memories to marvelling at designs or the thrill of hunting rare variations, you’ll enjoy collecting.

Now, you can take that next step toward curating your action figure collection, beginning with choosing the right ones.

Choosing the Right Action Figures

The first critical step involves choosing the correct figures when starting an action figure collection. Finding the “right” action figures isn’t about meeting predefined criteria. It’s a heart-led endeavour. Your favourite series, films, or video games should guide your choices. For instance, Goo Jit Zu and Avengers are excellent TV shows to reference your collection on.

There are different types of figures. Some collectors love stretchy, squishy, or flocked figures. Meanwhile, others prefer detailed, realistic ones, such as Iron Man figures. If you’re unsure of what piques your fancy, explore and take time to find your niche. Action figure franchises are vast and varied, from Marvel and DC to Star Wars. Each franchise opens a unique world of collectables waiting to be explored. Enjoy the journey of discovery!

Where to Buy Action Figures

Online retailers like Amazon and eBay are excellent starting points, offering various options for beginners. Searching for figures might be easier online, but it has caveats. For one, you’ll find many different people selling items, so you may need to sift through all of them. And two, some sellers may sell counterfeit action figures to unknowing buyers. You’ll need a keen eye and some detective work to spot authentic products for your collection.

If you want a more hands-on experience, visit your local comic book or toy store. Collectors often turn to these places as their primary sources for action figures. You’ll usually find newer items, but occasionally, you might stumble upon a rare find.

Lastly, consider flea markets or conventions. Each location presents unique benefits, contributing to the collecting adventure. These events are ideal for finding rare action figures sold by fellow collectors. You may also find storage and display cases for them for an affordable price.

Storing, Displaying, And Caring For Action Figures

Speaking of storage and display cases, keeping your figures in prime condition is crucial. Exposure to the elements could cause irreparable damage that may taint your action figure collection. So, you need to invest in proper storage containers and display boxes to ensure every piece you find is secure.

Airtight and dustproof plastic bins and individual action figure cases are often the go-tos for most collectors. When it comes to display, glass cabinets or dedicated shelves work well. Whichever method you choose, avoid putting cases or boxes under direct sunlight or in damp environments. Just because some storage options claim to be waterproof doesn’t mean they’re immune to the damage moisture can cause.

Also, care for your action figures properly; they’re collectables, not mere toys. Some can be easily damaged without proper maintenance. Even if you keep them in display boxes, regularly remove them to dust or wipe them clean. Take out the batteries of figures with battery compartments. Battery acid leaks not only ruin the figure but may catch fire when not spotted and cleaned immediately.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

Besides keeping batteries intact, there are other mistakes you can easily avoid. Starting an action figure collection can get anyone excited. But beware of the pitfalls.

Avoid buying too many action figures too quickly. The thrill is in the hunt, not in amassing an army you can’t control. Prices may also fluctuate, causing you to buy a figure at a high cost when it could go down in a few weeks or months. Have patience. You’ll get that item when the time is right.

You should always research the value of your figures. Don’t hesitate to ask experienced collectors for guidance and advice if you have questions. Join a community like online forums and clubs where collectors gather to chat and meet up. You can learn a lot from like-minded people who’ve collected the same media for years. Informed choices are the smartest ones.


Curating an action figure collection is deeply personal and rewarding, encapsulating your passions and honouring the stories you treasure. It’s also an activity that evolves as you grow. You might soon start collecting movie merch, like posters or soundtracks, alongside your figures, too.

Why wait? Begin your action figure collection today by getting the small and affordable figures first. You’ll see how this worthwhile experience brings you thrill and joy.

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