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How To Improve Your Smart Home With A Server

by Jason Smith

How To Improve Your Smart Home With A Server

Smart homes are becoming increasingly popular, with televisions, speakers, and security cameras appearing in a greater number of residences worldwide. In fact, industry data suggests that shipments of Wi-Fi-based devices will grow at a CAGR of 21% between 2020 and 2025.

The possibilities seem endless when it comes to the future of smart homes, but what can you do in the present to make a difference in your life? Getting a home server is one step you can take, but what exactly is it, what can it be used for, and what are the pros and cons? Read on to find out more.

What is a home server?

A home server is a computer that operates within a home network. It can be as simple as a personal computer with a sizeable hard drive and plenty of memory. If the server is to connect to the internet, which is likely, it will need enough bandwidth to deal with all the other computers linked to the same network.

What can a home server be used for?

Many people use their home servers to store their media, such as photographs, films, or their music library. It offers an excellent alternative to storing all these files across various devices in the home. Instead, they can all be kept in one centralised location.

It offers the opportunity to automatically back up all of your data, while it can also take the strain off your other devices— if you are using more than one at once. For example, you can use your home server to play some of your favourite songs while you use your laptop to catch up on your emails.

In addition, a home server can host online gaming platforms for you and your friends, while security can be enhanced by signing up to a top VPN service and installing it on your server. A VPN creates an encrypted tunnel to ensure all your data remains safely out of reach from cybercriminals. It hides your IP address and protects your online identity.

What are the benefits of using a home server?

Home servers offer greater security control than cloud services, where you place your trust in the hands of a third-party provider. Using a home server means you can decide how and with whom your data is shared, although the trade-off is that good servers tend to cost a little more than signing up to a cloud subscription.

However, you may feel that’s a sacrifice you’re willing to make to improve your smart home.

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