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The Benefits of an Ewallet: What Do You Mean You Don’t Have PayPal?

by Jason Smith

The Benefits of an Ewallet: What Do You Mean You Don’t Have PayPal?

One of the major problems with PayPal over the last few years is that you can’t actually use the Ewallet in real-life stores. With contactless payment becoming the new means of payment, and the likes of Apple Pay and Google Pay becoming hugely popular, you’d have thought PayPal would have been the perfect Ewallet for customers, but they haven’t been forthcoming. Until now that is.

PayPal is moving aggressively towards contactless payment, which would be another huge benefit of using the Ewallet. And it’s one of many, many benefits these days. The vast majority of millennials use Ewallets these days, so if you’re not one, it may be time to get one and here are a number of reasons why…

It’s convenience

Number one, and the only reason you need to use one, is PayPal’s, and other Ewallets, convenience. PayPal allows you to store all your card details within the Ewallet and you then only need a username and password to make a purchase online.

Furthermore, Apple Pay will allow you to store all your cards in your Ewallet on your device and simply tap your device at checkouts in order to pay. You don’t need to even open your real wallet and sift through it for the right card. You can tap, pay, and be on your way.

They’re accepted everywhere

The likes of PayPal is accepted virtually in all online stores these days and you’d be hard pushed to find a place which doesn’t accept it.

Most retail sites online will offer it, while many sources of entertainment will to from film rentals to gaming, and even platforms like online casino Australia and Meilleurs jeux de casino, allow you to make a payment without any need for entering bank details into a site.

Safe and secure

Ewallets also offer more security. Ewallets are encrypted so there’s never any communication between a site and your bank, meaning hackers can’t access your details. The likes of PayPal operate as a middleman and all your details are locked behind biometrics and some of the most sophisticated technology around.

Additionally, when out in the real world, having an Ewallet on your phone also means you don’t have to carry around with you a wad of cash or even your credit cards, which if you lost could not only see you lose your money, but also be a major pain when it comes to having to cancel your cards.

Authorization for every transaction

Unlike credit and debit cards, where anyone could make a contactless payment if they found a card on the floor, using an Ewallet requires you to authorise the payment before making it. This is done in a number of ways. For Ewallets on your mobile device, you’ll be required to either enter a passcode, or go through facial or fingerprint recognition software. Anyone without that data won’t be able to make a payment using your Ewallet.

Online, you have a username and password, which you must enter before making any transaction.

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