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Sheppard to guest on Doctor Who

by Dave Elliott
Mark Sheppard

Mark Sheppard

It seems that having worked his way through pretty much every US scifi show, the brilliant Mark Sheppard is starting on the British ones! And where better to start than, THE British scifi show –  Doctor Who!

Sheppard with apparently take on the role of Canton Everett Delaware III in a two-part episode, which will take place (and be partly filmed) in the USA. The part is described as a ‘huge role’, so i’m not totally convinced Canton Everett Delaware III will be all that he first appears…

If your unsure who Mark is but are thinking ‘i’m sure i’ve seen him in something’, the chances are you have – he does get around the scifi circuit!

Over recent years, you could have spotted him as:

  • The demon Crowley on Supernatural.
  • Cockney criminal Badger in Firefly.
  • Romo Lampkin in Battlestar Galactica.
  • Director of The Ring in Chuck.
  • Benedict Valda in Warehouse 13.
  • Tanaka in Dollhouse.
  • Dr. Charles Walker / Jack Walker in Medium.
  • Anthony Anthros in Bionic Woman.

And that’s just the scifi shows… He’s also popped up in 24, Leverage, CSI, Burn Notice, NCSI, to name but a few!

I’m a big fan of Mark’s work, so I’m really looking foward to seeing him help, or more likely face-off against Matt Smith.

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