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UK Premiere of Alice on SyFy

by Dave Elliott


There have been a number of takes on Lewis Carroll’s classic Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland, and Syfy are bringing a brand new twist to the classic tale in a new two part mini-series – ALICE.

ALICE is written and directed by Nick Willing who’s previous credits include SyFy’s previous Alice outing Tin Man, and the 1999 Alice in Wonderland film, it’s fair to say he’s a man that knows his subject matter! This latest iteration has an an all-star cast including Kathy Bates (Revolutionary Road), the glorious Tim Curry (Burke and Hare), the dino hunting Andrew Lee Potts (Primeval), Matt Frewer (A Town Called Eureka) and Caterina Scorsone (Crash).

The story follows Alice Hamilton (Scorsone) whose world is suddenly turned upside down when she finds herself on the other side of a looking glass in Wonderland, an outlandish city ruled by the devilish Queen of Hearts (Bates).

To maintain control of the land the queen uses the emotions of kidnapped humans to feed her citizens. Her strong army of evil Suits – led by the White Rabbit (Alan Gray) – has been kidnapping humans for years and holds them captive in a casino where their memories are erased and their extreme emotions are drained, bottled and consumed by the people of Wonderland.

When Alice’s love Jack Chase (Philip Winchester) is kidnapped and brought to Wonderland she embarks on a thrilling journey through the bizarre world to find him and unravel the strange going’s on. Along the way she enlists the help of some familiar characters – including Hatter (Lee Potts), White Knight (Frewer), Dodo (Curry), Doctors Dee and Dum (Eugene Lipinski) and Caterpillar (Harry Dean Stanton).

Alice airs in the UK on SyFyThursday 27 January at 8pm, with part 2 on Thursday 3 February.

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