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The Doctor’s Brigadier Passes Away…

by Dave Elliott

Briagadier's Last Appearance.

Some really sad news today. Nicholas Courtney, who played Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart in numerous episodes of Doctor Who over the years has passed away in London, aged 81, after a short illness.

First appearing as Lethbridge-Stewart in the 1968 story ‘The Web of Fear’ with Patrick Troughton’s Doctor, Nicholas reprised the role with 5 Doctors over a 40 year period, last appearing as the character for an episode of The Sarah Jane Adventures in 2008.

Nicholas was a greatly loved by the Whovian community, and will be very sadly missed. Doctor Who writer Mark Gatiss described Nicholas “a childhood hero and the sweetest of gentlemen”. He is survived by his second wife Karen and two children Philip and Bella. Our thoughts are with you.

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