Pre-orders galore in the Star Wars Universe!

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22 Jul 11

Couple of interesting little bits have been release recently for all the Star Wars fans out there.




First is the announcement that STAR WARS: THE COMPLETE SAGA will be released on Blu-ray on September 12th 2011, and if you pre-order it, you’ll get yourself a limited edition Star Wars Sentiype™, contains a unique 35mm film frame reproduced from the original film footage using state-of-the-art imaging and printing techniques.  The film frame is mounted and features original artwork from the Star Wars Blu-ray collection.  Each senitype™ is numbered for authenticity.

The comprehensive collection also features numerous deleted, extended and alternate scenes, new documentaries and a cross-section of the countless Star Wars spoofs that have appeared in pop culture over the past three decades. Marking the first time ever that the full Saga is available in one complete collection, STAR WARS: THE COMPLETE SAGA ON BLU-RAY also features a coveted peek into the making of the Saga with vintage documentaries, audio commentaries, behind-the-scenes moments, interviews, prop and costume turnarounds, retrospectives and more.

The Limited Edition Star Wars® Sentiype™ is available whilst stocks last from: Amazon, Play, HMV, The Hut and Tesco

Star Wars: The Old Republic Pre-order now Live!

Star Wars: The Old Republic

Star Wars: The Old Republic Pre-Order

The second bit of news is the the long, long awaited Star Wars: The Old Republic is now available for pre-order from Amazon, Game, Play, and EA’s Origin online store. It comes in 3 flavours – The Collectors Edition, The Digital Deluxe Edition, and The Standard Edition. All 3 pre-orders get the Color Stone, which changes the color of your Lightsaber blade and blaster bolts, and more importantly, early game access!

The Star Wars: The Old Republic Digital Deluxe Edition is availible from EA’s Origin online store at £59.99, and gives you 7 Additional Digital Items including:

Game are selling the Star Wars: The Old Republic Collectors Edition (£129.99) which comes with:

  • Exclusive Gentle Giant Darth Malgus statue
  • Game disks collectible metal case
  • The Journal of Master Gnost-Dural as annotated by Satele Shan
  • The Old Republic galaxy map
  • Custom Security Authentication Key
  • Music of Star Wars: The Old Republic CD
  • High-quality Collector’s Edition box

Amazon, and Play are selling the standard Star Wars: The Old Republic edition for £39.99.

Still no actual release date for Star Wars: The Old Republic, but given the hype that’s going to be around in Sept over the blu-ray releases, and the news of Star Wars Galaxies closing in December, it’s a pretty safe bet were going to be seeing SW:KotOR at some point between Sept and Dec this year!