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Review: Fringe Season 3 on DVD & Blu-ray

by Dave Elliott

Walter & Peter

Walter & Peter

Two worlds will collide, and one woman’s fate will write our future in FRINGE Season 3 out on Blu-ray and DVD on 26 September, courtesy of Warner Home Video.

Picking up from Akiva Goldsman stunning season 2 conclusion, Fringe season 3 starts with FBI Agent Olivia Dunham (Anna Torv) stuck ‘over there’ in the parallel universe, whilst Fauxlivia (also Anna Torv) takes her place in our reality. During this season we get to see a lot more of ‘over there’ than in earlier seasons. For the first half of the run, the episodes alternate between ‘there’ and ‘here’ with the familiar blue intro sequence turning to a rather more threatening red to distinguish which universe we’re in. Although the 2nd half of the season sees the action settles mainly in the ‘prime’ universe, they do use the title season tactic later on, by re-introducing the 80’s sequence last seen in season 2’s ‘Peter’ to signify an episode set in the past. They also introduce a grey title sequence for the season finale to signify… well… you’ll have to wait and see… ;)

Olivia & Fauxlivia

Olivia & Fauxlivia (Anna Torv)

One of the most interesting things to come out of this season is the ‘love triangle’ that develops between Peter, Olivia and Fauxlivia. Having finally plucked up the courage to tell ‘Olivia’ how he feels, Peter’s world is shattered when he comes to realize it’s actually Olivia’s ‘other universe’ counterpart he’s in a relationship with. And when ‘Olivia prime’ finally returns, how will she react when she discovers Peter’s been sleeping with her evil twin?.. Anna Torv does a superb job in both roles, managing to show a whole range of sides to the character… or characters, depending how you look at it! It’s a great testament to Anna Torv’s acting ability, as Season 3 not only has her playing both Olivia and Fauxlivia, but Fauxlivia pretending to be Olivia, and Olivia thinking she is Fauxlivia! Oh… and then on top of all that, the producers ask her to pull off a (disturbingly convincing) version of Leonard Nimoy! It’s fair to say Anna worked hard for her pay check this season!

Of course, Torv isn’t the only one on multiple role duties. John Noble’s Walter and counterpart Walternate are both back, as are both versions of Jasika Nicole’s Astrid. We also meet the ‘prime’ version of Seth Gabel’s agent Lincoln Lee for the first time, who goes on to take a far more prominent role in the upcoming season 4. In fact the only cast member that really must get a lot of extra time to kick back in his trailer is Joshua Jackson, as there’s only one Peter… A fact that’s becomes more and more important as season 3 plays out…

Fringe Season 3 on Blu-ray

Fringe Season 3 on Blu-ray & DVD

Notable guest appearances to watch out for this season are Aaron Ashmore (Smallville’s James ‘Jimmy’ Olsen and new Warehouse 13 agent Steve Jinks), who manages to free his twin (real life twin Shawn Ashmore – X-Men’s Iceman) from the parallel universe’s dreaded ‘amber’. Ferris Bueller’s Alan Ruck as a slightly unhinged aerospace engineer, and Back to the Future legend Christopher Lloyd as aging keyboardist of Walter’s favorite band ‘Violet Sedan Chair’.

Once again J.J. Abrams, Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman have produced one of the most interesting & entertaining sci-fi shows on TV today, and after the incredible climax to season 3, I can’t wait to see where they take Fringe with Season 4!

Discover the mysteries surrounding a parallel universe with FRINGE Season 3 with its rapidly spreading phenomenons and shocking moments which will keep you gripped to your seat; don’t miss this year’s most thrilling television box-set coming to Blu-ray and DVD plus Seasons 1-3 box set out on Blu-ray and DVD on 26 September.

9/10 – The best sci-fi show on TV right now!

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