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Saints Row: The Third – Pimps and Gimps

by Dave Elliott

You know, the more I see of Saints Row: The Third, the more I think they looked at GTA V going all out for it’s realism, and character driven plot, and thought “screw that, what we need is Burt f**king Reynolds and giant dildo bats!”

It’s rather like there 2 were siblings. Both started off at the same place. A little ‘out there’, a little mischievous… But as they grew up and went to college, the older brother settled down, whilst the younger brother runs the wildest frat house on campus.

This new trailer not only has the aforementioned Mr. Reynolds and the erm… ‘phallic hitting implement’, but also Spacemen, Zombies, and of course – Pimps & Gimps!

Saints Row: The Third is due out on November 18th in Europe for Windows, PS3 and Xbox 360.

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