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Tim Vine : The Joke-amotive DVD

by Dave Elliott

Many of you will know of Tim Vine from BBC1 ‘Not Going Out’ with fellow stand up Lee Mack, but on the 21st of November, Tim releases his critically acclaimed, sell-out UK tour and run at the Edinburgh Festival – THE JOKE-AMOTIVE on DVD.

Tim Vine is the prince of puns, and after the first barrage of puns, Tim does actually say “imagine if my whole act was like this… it is”. Watching Tim is rather like been punned into submission. You can try not to laugh, but the jokes come out at such a rate one of them is bound to catch you off guard and cause a chuckle.

Each puntastic assault is interspersed with some silly and surreal songs (often ending in a pun themselves). It’s fairly gentle but entertaining comedy, and something I could see the whole family settling down to watch post Christmas lunch.

Tim is a regular on Countdown’s dictionary corner (C4) and he is currently working on the fifth series of the hit BBC One series Not Going Out.  His best-selling book,  The Biggest Ever Tim Vine Joke Book, was released last year (Random House).

Tim Vine is a headliner in the new series of Dave’s One Night Stand and he starred in Live At the Apollo (BBC1) last year.  In 2010 he released his third stand-up DVD Punslinger (Spirit Entertainment).

THE JOKE-AMOTIVE will be released on DVD on 21 November 2011 (Spirit Entertainment).

8/10 – A barrage of puntastic goodness.

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