Breaking Bad Season 3 Coming To Netflix UK!

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28 Mar 12
Breaking Bad Season 3

Breaking Bad Season 3 on Netflix

Netflix have announced that on 1st April 2012, Breaking Bad Season 3 will be added to Netflix UK & Ireland.

This news follows closely after distributor Sony announced they’d given up on securing a UK TV deal, and were bringing Breaking Bad Season 3 to the UK on DVD (14th of May 2012.)

The critically acclaimed series stars the 3 x Best Actor Emmy winning Bryan Cranston as Walter White – a chemistry teacher turned drug dealer, and the Best Supporting Actor Emmy winning Aaron Paul as Jesse Pinkman, Walter’s partner-in-drug-crime.

Breaking Bad Season 3 first aired in the US in 2010, and the UK has had a long wait for it to make the trip over the Atlantic, due to some terrible treatment from UK networks. Season 1 was aired on FX, then dropped. Season 2 was picked up by 5, aired in a dead-of-night time-slot over Christmas, then dropped. Since then, no one has been prepared to pick it up again… until now.

Now… If we can just get Netflix to work out a deal on the final season of Chuck

See Bryan Cranston announce Breaking Bad Season 3 coming to the UK & Ireland

Breaking Bad Season 3 coming to Netflix – 1st April 2012