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Review: X-Mini MINI II 2nd Gen Speaker

by Dave Elliott
X-Mini MINI II Speaker

X-Mini MINI II Speaker

When the nice people at Phones4U offered to send me some phone paraphernalia to try out, I was happy to see they had the X-mini MINI II Speaker in stock, as i’d been quite keen to try it out.

The original X-Mini Capsule Speaker has been around since 2008, and this upgraded version offers some refinement to an already excellent product. X-Mini version 2 is very slightly bigger (albeit still tiny), but with that you get a larger 40mm driver, making a richer sound, with fuller bass than it predecessor.

They claim a battery life of 11hrs between charges, which I have to say I haven’t tested fully, but I will say it’s not run out on me yet! Charging is really simple via USB, and the unit has the cable built into the design (with standard 3.5mm jack), meaning there’s no risk of you loosing it whilst your out and about!

Another great feature is the ‘Buddy Jack’ system, which lets you daisy-chain X-Mini II speakers together… So if you’re out at a festival, and an act you dislike comes on, all you need to do is find a bunch of people with X-Mini speakers, it’s quite possible you could connect 100+ of them together and  drown out the stage. :D

And the best thing… It’s under £20 for a speaker!

10/10 – Really superb product. Great sound, portability and quality!

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