Home Gadgets Reviews: Terrapin Leather Flip Case for iPhone & Bumper Case for Galaxy S3

Reviews: Terrapin Leather Flip Case for iPhone & Bumper Case for Galaxy S3

by Dave Elliott
Terrapin genuine leather flip case

Terrapin genuine leather flip case

Terrapin Leather Flip Case for iPhone

The Terrapin flip case, black, lined with ivory coloured leather looks very smart and more importantly nice and strong and protects the well fitted phone from scratches. The extra ‘crease’ so the flip can fold below the camera lense, means you can take photos without having to remove it.

The leather feels like good quality and I love the fact you can access the whole screen and all the side buttons when the phone is in the case.

I wasnt sure whether I would use the three cards slots on the inside of the flip but they have come in handy for storing business cards and keeping train tickets safe so far.

Buy the Terrapin genuine leather flip case for iPhone 4 / iPhone 4S here.

9/10 – Would highly recommend this case.
Samsung Galaxy S3 Bumper

Samsung Galaxy S3 Bumper

Bumper Case for the Samsung Galaxy S3

I’ve alway had a certain prejudice against bumper cases… The idea of just protecting the edge of the phone, when you can get extremely thin cases that cover the whole back, seemed silly. However…

Having used this bumper for a week or so, it actually holds up really well. It’s easy to fit, and stays in place. It does cover the buttons around the edges of the phone which i usually hate, but I actually found this design emphasises them nicely, making them much easier to operate!

I’m still a little wary of the lack of protection it provides to the camera on the back, and i’m not a massive fan of it’s blue colour. But at £4.49, it’s a good bargin way of providing some basic protection to you’re phone.

Buy the Samsung Galaxy S3 Bumper here.

7/10 – Cheap and cheerful protection.

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