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What Are Doomsday Preppers?

by Guest Writer

Doomsday Peppers is a popular show on cable network National Geographic. The show features individuals who fear that the end of the world, a natural disaster, or terrorist attack of some sort will wipe out the vast majority of a city, country, or the overall human population of the world. Doomsday preppers believe strongly that by preparing for doomsday that they and their family will be some of the few to survive.

Are There Many Doomsday Preppers?

9 out of 10 Americans expect that a large-scale disaster such as a hurricane, pandemic, or terrorist attack will occur in the next 25 years, however 56% have done nothing to prepare. While many people equip their homes with emergency supply kits, a few days? worth of bottled water, dried and canned food, and maybe even a generator — Doomsday preppers take things to a whole new level. Doomsday preppers compile a mass stockpile of emergency gear and supplies and create extensive emergency evacuation plans they practice with their children. Many have secure underground housing and “bug-out” bags to live outdoors on foot in case of emergency.

How Do You Learn To Become A Doomsday Prepper?

This is a fast growing subculture that attracts preppers from all ages, genders, and walks of live. Preppers are often part of social media sites and blogs that allow them to share tips, tricks, and the latest gear available for prepping. There are even meet-up groups and prepper organizations that many novice and experience preppers partake in. Becoming a prepper requires a financial investment to buy the supplies that you desire to prepare for the disaster you most fear. Some preppers are preparing to survive specific disasters they feel are imminent, while others prep for a wide range of disasters.

How Do You “Prep” For Doomsday?

There are many ways to prep for Doomsday, and the extent to which you prep is a matter of personal preference. Prepping typically comes in the form of the general categories blow:

Basic Needs

Ensuring that you have a supply of food, water, clothing, and shelter are at the top of most preppers list. This could also include comfort features people have grown accustomed to such as solar panels and products that provide electricity and light.

First Aid

Doomsday preppers often have more than your standard first aid kit. They take things as step further by getting water purification tools and devices, iodine pills, and a stockpile of natural antibiotics and treatments.

Disaster Specific

If a prepper has a specific disaster they feel is imminent such as a chemical attack they may purchase gas masks or other disaster specific gear and supplies. These supplies will be kept in the peppers home, car, and emergency evacuation location.


Many preppers stockpile cash in their home, or other items they feel can be used to trade or barter as a form of currency when Doomsday occurs.

What Is The Appeal Of The Popular TV Show?

There are many reasons the National Geographic show “Doomsday Preppers” has become so popular. Some viewers watch to see if prepping is really worth it, to learn more about prepping, if experts believe that the extreme prepping will truly make a difference, and some view purely for entertainment.

While the fear of the unknown will motivate many individuals to prep for Doomsday, there are many that feel that there is little to nothing that can be done in the event of a national or worldwide disaster.

Doomsday Peppers‘ airs on National Geographic in the UK.

This article was provided by CJ Gordon, recent computer science graduate and outdoor survival specialist-in-training. If you’re a prepper – or just like living is sturdy structures– and would like to build your dwellings with strong materials, CJ recommends visiting www.texasironandmetal.com/steel-dealers/.

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