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MTV Catfish UK is seeking life stories

by Dave Elliott
MTV Catfish is coming to the UK

MTV Catfish is coming to the UK

If any of you out there are fans of MTV Catfish, you maybe happy to know, it’s coming to the UK, and they’ve sent us a message to ask if we’d help in the search for UK based stories to feature on the show! If you are based in the UK, and have an online relationship with someone either in the UK, or around the world, then MTV want to hear from you!

Here are the details:

“The hit US series Catfish is now crossing the pond and we are looking for fascinating stories to feature in the new series. The show brings together couples that have an online relationship to meet for the first time.

  • Do you make excuses for not meeting in person because you’ve been avoiding telling them something?
  • Are you afraid they won’t accept you for who you really are?
  • Do you have a talent for creating believable fake profiles but have gotten in too deep?
  • Are you currently using a fake profile to get to know someone you have a crush on… or to keep track of an ex or someone your ex left you for?
  • Do you need help figuring out the best way to finally tell them the truth? Are you looking for a safe way to explain yourself and reveal the real you?

With the help and support of the Catfish team we will make it happen and take your relationship to the next level…”

Applications are open to couples with at least one person based in the UK.

For more information email here: [email protected]

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