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Extended Trailer for The Flash TV Series

by Dave Elliott


We knew it was coming, and now CW have released the first full trailer for their new show based around DC Comic’s The Flash. Created by the same team is Arrow, The Flash sees Grant Gustin slip into the speeder’s boots as Barry Allen, an assistant police forensic investigator who gains superhuman speed after being hit by a very special lightning strike. 

If you’re an Arrow fan, we have of course already seen Gustin as Barry Allen when he guested on the show, but that was before he gained his superpowers. I’m currently working my way through the New 52 Flash comic books, (Flash being the main catalyst behind the New 52 reboot), so I’m really looking forward to seeing how the show plays out.

No news on a UK pick up yet, but I’d be very surprised if Sky let it go to anyone but them to run along side Arrow. Keep an eye on The Flash UK Air Date page for the latest info!

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