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How to Remote Install Games on Steam

by Dave Elliott

viewSo I was at work today, and realised I’d forgotten to set Watch_Dogs to download this morning before I left. Rather than wait till I got home and having to download the game, I remembered it is possible to remote install it via the Steam web interface to my PC…

However, when you google it, the Steam instructions it brings up suck and are horribly out of date, so I decided to write this to help anyone else struggling with it!

games1. Log into steamcommunity.com

2. Go to the [username]’s account dropdown, and click ‘View profile‘.

3. On the right of the screen, there is a list of ‘stats’ (Badges, Games, Screenshots etc…). Click the ‘Games‘ link.

4. Click the ‘All Games‘ tab, and find the game you want to install.

5. Click the ‘install‘ button to the right of the game to install it remotely.





And that’s it! You obviously need to have the computer logged into Steam for remote install to work, but hopefully it’ll help out some of you who are stuck at work start gaming the moment you get home. :)

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