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The Fine Lines of Technology: Imagining the Future with Kaspersky Labs

by Dave Elliott

Technological advancement is an inevitable aspect of modern life, and something that will undoubtedly change the world in which we live. While we consider innovation to be a positive entity that has revolutionised our life for the better, however, it is important to consider that the fact technology remains malleable to each individual user. There are incredibly fine lines that separate the use and misuse of technology, and in the future there will be an even more pressing need for such boundaries to be protected.

This is where Kaspersky Labs come in, as the company have released an exciting new brand video that underlines the importance of secure content and threat managements systems in the online space. As a developer of the worlds’ most innovative and coveted security software products, it is well placed to discuss the potential scope of cyber-crime and the impact that it can have on its unfortunate victims. In this respect, it treads the fine line between good and evil in the online space, imagining the ways in which technology may shape our future and minimising the risks that it will pose.

If you are curious about our future relationship with technology and the role that it may play in influencing the world around us, check out the video below.

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