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MCM Birmingham Comic Con – Nov 2014

by Dave Elliott
Me as Red Hood

Me as Red Hood

It’s November, so that means it was time once again to delve into the wonderful world of MCM’s Birmingham Comic Con! This year, I decided to join in the cosplay fun, and donned my Red Hood costume to wander around the Con. :D The event was massively popular this year, with Saturday in particular, packed with fans of comic books and movies.

The Guests

There were a huge array of guest this year. Some from film, some newer tv shows, some from old. The boys from the Dwarf where there once again, minus Craig, obviously. There was a large contingent to help celebrate the Goldfinger 50th Anniversary, and a large group from classic British sitcom ‘Allo ‘Allo. Special mention to Kim Hartman and Richard Gibson, both of whom were there in their full ‘Allo ‘Allo outfits! On the Saturday, Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy in Harry Potter) did an excellent talk, although it was hard to even get close to the theatre tent when he was on! Also Cary Elwes from Psych, X-Files, and of course, The Princess Bride. However, the biggest draw for me, was the fantastic RJ Mitte, aka Walt Junior from Breaking Bad, and Colin Ford from Channel 5’s excellent Under The Dome (and also young Sam Winchester in Supernatural). Both the videos can be seen below.

Colin Ford – Joe McAlister from Under The Dome Video

RJ Mitte – Walt Junior from Breaking Bad Video

The Comics

Some of the awesome indy comics at Comic Con

Some of the awesome indy comics at Comic Con

Will all the other stuff going on, one thing that rather gets overlooked at Comic Con, ironically, is the comics… There’s a great Comic Village section at the Con, with some massively talented independent comic book writers and artists. I managed to interview a number of them whilst I was there, which I was planning on putting onto a Podcast. Annoyingly, there was an issue with the recording equipment, which did record, but rather made the voices sound slightly robotic… And whilst that’s entertaining, it’s not massively helpful when putting a podcast together. So, sorry guys, it was great talking to you, but it’s not going to be a podcast. However, over the next few weeks, i’ll transcribe the interviews and put them up as individual posts, so you’ll still get the coverage you deserve. :)

The Cosplay

As usual, there were lots of people in costume, and once again Harley Quinn proved to be one of the most popular for the girls, and Joker was hugely popular with the guys. DC was extremely well represented over all with this wonderful group of DC based cosplayers, who posed for a large group photo.

Group of DC Comics Cosplayers

Group of DC Comics Cosplayers

There were of course a number of Spiderman, a few Iron-men, Captain America’s and Winter Soldiers representing for Marvel, and various people from Manga cartoons (not being into Manga, I couldn’t tell you who!). And of course, the guys from 501st Legion once again did an excellent job for the Star Wars contingent.  Gallery below of all the photos. :)

Me at Comic Con (Red Hood)

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