Home TV News The End Of Deal Or No Deal As We Know It?

The End Of Deal Or No Deal As We Know It?

by Dave Elliott
The End Of Deal Or No Deal As We Know It?

The End Of Deal Or No Deal As We Know It?

According to reports, Noel Edmonds is selling his house.

That might not sound very significant, until I remind you that Edmonds is the host of the U.K.’s version of the popular game show Deal Or No Deal. Not only that, but the very home he’s selling is apparently located quite close to the Channel 4 studios at which the show is taped. The fact that Edmonds has listed the property has in recent days fueled speculation that a 10-year run of Deal Or No Deal in Britain may in fact be coming to an end once the current season wraps up in 2016.

Although Edmonds has insisted he’d be up for more and negotiations are said to be ongoing regarding the potential for future seasons, it’s starting to look like the writing is on the wall. Just as Deal Or No Deal eventually ran out of steam in the U.S., with then-host Howie Mandel moving on to a busy career elsewhere on television, the show as we know it, with Edmonds hosting, appears to be winding down. But that’s not to say the show is disappearing just yet.

The (possibly) final season is ongoing, and actually there’s a great deal of buzz building about this week’s episode. According to rumours, it will show Edmonds himself taking on the banker for the first time and playing the game he has long hosted in an attempt to win money for a hospital charity. This episode has already been taped and talked about quite a bit online, with the twist evidently coming as part of a 10th anniversary celebration.

Besides the fact that the show’s fans have more Deal Or No Deal to watch, it should also be mentioned that it has become more of a brand of entertainment than simply a program that can be viewed once a week. For years now, fans of Deal Or No Deal have been able to get in on the action on their own (albeit in a capacity without real money on the line) through the PC game that replicates the game show format. More recently, a similar game has been presented in a mobile app. As an alternative for those who do want to play with money on the line, there’s an option for that, too. This site, which is home to the top-rated online bingo selection in the U.K., has actually transformed Deal Or No Deal into an online casino game. Players can combine the game show concept with a bingo-like structure in an effort to win big—just like contestants on TV.

In a way, this integration into PC, app, and online gaming is Deal Or No Deal’s greatest accomplishment. Game shows come and go, and the best ones leave behind activities and concepts that are enjoyed long after their successful runs on TV. For example, we all know how the game of Jeopardy works despite the fact that the program is long past its peak, and the underlying idea of the Who Wants To Be A Millionaire game has become a favourite structure for trivia.

So if this does indeed prove to be the final season of Deal Or No Deal, fans can at least take comfort in continuing to enjoy the game’s legacy as one of the most enjoyable modern activities combining chance and statistics.

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