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After Apple’s ‘most successful year ever’ what’s to come for 2016?

by Jason Smith
Apple TV

Apple TV

After cashing in $205bn, it’s safe to say Apple has had a pretty successful year, with the Guardian reporting that the company now has more money in the bank than “the Czech Republic, Peru and New Zealand make in gross domestic product a year”.

So, after such a hugely successful year, what’s to come in 2016?

Apple Watch

Apple Watch

2015 saw Apple release its Watch, which allowed people to get their hands on a piece of wearable tech that linked up to their Apple phone and seamlessly pay for things contactlessly and see their incoming calls, messages and emails at the flick of the wrist. Apple Pay was also introduced in July 2015, which helped devoted fans pay for purchases by simply holding their device up to a card reader.

Of course, the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus have also just been released, as the company aims to make its creations bigger and better – although work still needs to be done as they have become ever more fragile, leading to more and more people having to search for iPad repair online, to fix smashed screens after dropping them.

There’s also the introduction of an updated Apple TV, with a major expansion to the box’s ability to use apps, along with streaming from iTunes, making it a much more serious competitor to Google’s Chromecast and the Amazon Fire.

Apple’s most successful year has all been down to its innovative approach to technology, as it breaks the boundaries when it comes to size and limitations. It aims to create devices that are accessible to all, work seamlessly within the user’s everyday life and 2016 is rumoured to have great things in store.

Firstly, the iPhone 7 is on the cards for as early as summer 2016, with rumours flying that this latest device will feature everything from wireless charging to a touch screen with built in touch ID. Battery life is a big issue for iPhone users so people are expecting Apple to tackle the usability of their phones and their ability to last throughout the whole day while using all manner of apps. Those discussing the potential iPhone 7 are also hoping the company will push out phones with a starting point of 32GB, going on to 64GB and 128GB because 16GB is just not enough now when using a high powered mobile device.

The Apple Watch 2 is another rumoured release for 2016, that should boost the company’s ratings and earnings. While the first release has only just come down in price and is being seen on the wrists of people on the street a second, upgraded release will still be well received. The rumoured second release is said to potentially feature a front facing camera for Facetime chatting and a wireless chipset which means the watch could be used without having to rely on your iPhone. Better battery life is another feature that is being discussed and hoped for.

Whatever Apple release in 2016, and even if next year isn’t as big as 2015 was for them, they will always enjoy a high amount of sales due to their loyal customer base who wait outside Apple stores on release days like an excited teenager when the new Harry Potter books were released in the 00s. Apple shouldn’t have any issues making sales next year and it will be exciting to see what innovative products the company releases when the New Year rolls around.

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