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Five ways to customise your iPhone

by Dave Elliott
Customising your iphone

Customising your iPhone

Ahh, the humble telephone… Once a purely practical device, tethered to a single location allowing two people to converse over long distances. Now, it’s a pocket computer and communications device which is essential to daily life for a lot of people. Because it’s the thing we always have with us, we like to make our phone feel our own by adding customisations to it. That’s not just changing the background picture, but adding custom cases, charms, and a host of other things. Here’s a few ideas to choose from.



Custom Cases

There’s a huge selection of designs that will show off your liking for anything from pets to retro design or photography on custom iPhone cases. A decent website will allow you to upload and alter the look of the case before ordering; it’s probably a good idea to go for an upright rather than landscape – as you’ll usually be holding it up to your ear.

Edit the photograph choice before uploading to add the effects you want using a free package such as Picasa or Fotor (or any of these other options). Also consider creating two or more photographic cases with different designs as perfect gifts for family and friends, but don’t forget that if the actual device changes then most likely its size will as well – who knows when the latest and greatest iPhone will muscle its way into the market.


Stormtrooper Phone Charm

Stormtrooper Phone Charm

A gift that can be created from chains, cords, ribbons or any other similar materials, to be combined with jewellery, badges, and even cuddly toys. The careful charm creator will look for something that will not fall or or tear, and won’t be jagged enough to tear clothing or handbags when pulled out. The charm can be combined with a keyring, or ring, and easily transferred from one phone to the other when the newer models emerge.


Music connoisseurs might baulk at altering their expensive brand headphones, and no-one would advocate attaching anything that could ruin the phones and make them impossible to use or sell on.

That said, the actual choice of headphone itself is a way of distinguishing yourself in the busy arena of musical listening on the move, and described in this Guardian piece as an accessory rather than a gadget. Retro is back in the form of these Master and Dynamic old-schoolers, a stereo world away from Beats, for example.

Master & Dynamic MH40 Headphones

Master & Dynamic MH40 Headphones


A quick search across the internet will reveal some spectacular and artistically beautiful example of iPhone laser engraving, and sometimes at unexpectedly cheap prices. Names, Marvel superheroes, faces of loved ones, and individual patterns are among the options. Consider matching up the designs with your tablet for the complete package.




There are plenty of excellent holders on the market for propping up your iPhone when you want to watch a video or read an e-book, but can’t be bothered to hold it up. Here are several examples of an item for an occasion when you won’t want to be touching the screen; when you’re getting messy with ingredients in the kitchen and you want to read the recipe without gunking up the screen.

Other potential options available to buy include simple wooden blocks with a name carving, and even a slotted human pillow, while home-made ideas could include creating a holder from an old cassette case – time to look back through your 80s and 90s compilation for some retro inspiration.

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