Home Geeky Is there a shift in the balance of power between iOS and Android

Is there a shift in the balance of power between iOS and Android

by Dave Elliott
Is there a shift in the balance of power between iOS and Android

Is there a shift in the balance of power between iOS and Android

Ever since the mobile app industry first began to bloom, the market has been synonymous with Apple and the coveted iOS platform. This should not come as a huge surprise, especially as it was Apple that first launched the mobile application industry and invested heavily in the platform.

The perception of Apple’s iOS as the dominant platform in this sector may have obscured some interesting market trends, however, with the latest App Annie report underscoring a number of significant shifts across the board. So while the top-line numbers may seem to correlate with previous market performance, it is easy to identify a gradual shift within this lucrative industry.

More specifically, it appears as though the powerbase of iOS is being challenged by the rise of Android and other market shifts.

As the mobile app sector, the gaming market and gaming sites such as M88 continue to mature, so too the lifespan of individual titles shrinks. This is placing huge pressure of publishers, as the timing of individual releases and the implementation of targeted monetization strategies is increasingly important if apps are to fulfil their full potential. Developers must also focus on creating a wider range of apps, especially as customers become increasingly demanding in terms of the content that they consume. This has offered greater growth opportunities for Android, which has been able to fill gaps in user demand and compete more aggressively with iOS.

You need only look at the vast range of app store optimization (ASO) tools available on the current market to see how far this concept has evolved, while those who delve deeper will see the impact that this has had on the app industry. The drive among developers to optimise the visibility of their apps within the marketplace has borrowed heavily from the practice of SEO, using keywords and content to improve rankings in relation to specific keyword searches. Given that search engine giant Google continues to power the Android platform, this affords it a huge advantage over rivals Apple in the current market climate.

Beyond gaming, Android continues to close the gap on Apple across professional and productivity tools. Taking all global activity across both platforms into account, it is interesting to note that the Google Play Store has outperformed Apple and achieved more than double the total number of downloads in 2015. This is despite the fact that Apple’s iOS continued to grow revenues at a faster rate than Android, and it suggests that the latter will continue to narrow the gap on the former throughout 2016 and beyond.

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