Urgent Notice from the NSH – Rage Virus Outbreak!

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11 Apr 16

We’ve been asked to post this, as the NSH are keen to get this message out to as many people as possible!

The Outbreak Research and Development Centre has identified a new virus that appears to be spreading across parts of the UK. The virus, which has been named the Rage Virus, has been identified as a virulent blood-borne infection that is thought to have spread from an animal host.

The government has issued an urgent call out for all citizens to report to their nearest vaccination centres for treatment. If you know of people who have not yet booked their vaccination you must urge them to get in touch with the NSH immediately.

The level and scale of this outbreak clearly would have been lessened had it not been for the epic stupidity of our current government, and their recent budgetary cuts to the National Service for Health, limiting vaccination programme. All members of public have been urged to visit NSH to book their appointments.

To confirm your appointment date and time, we require you to register HERE.

NSH Warning