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The Vampire Diaries Season 8 Will Be It’s Last (according to Ian Somerhalder)

by Dave Elliott
The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries

Since the departure of Nina Dobrev last year, it has rather felt like things at The Vampire Diaries might be coming to a conclusion, and according to Damon Salvatore actor Ian Somerhalder, that does appear to be the case. Officially The CW are saying ‘no decision has been made’ on TVD’s future, but given Kat Graham, who plays resident witch Bonnie Bennett has already said season 8 will be her last, if it does continue after season 8, it’ll be a very different show.

Whilst at WalkerStalkerCon this weekend, Ian Somerhalder said “We have decided to do one last season to really do the story justice.” So either this news is correct, or Somerhalder is in for some very irate calls from colleagues and bosses this morning!

Somerhalder has previously expressed that he’d like to see the return of Dobrev for at least some of the final season, which I hope will happen, as it’s going to be tricky if they have to end the show with her still stuck in a box…

As for the UK, ITV2 are rather dragging their feet with the show, but it will return to our screens for the Season 7b at some point in late Spring/early Summer.

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