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Get your Geek On with These Amazing Slot Machines

by Jason Smith

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I am a massive sci-fi geek. Well, not THAT massive – I don’t have a Klingon outfit in my closet (although I would gladly take a bat’leth to a swordfight), and neither do I speak Hutt. But I can quote The Doctor, Captain Janeway, or even Dr. Walter Bishop at any time, and I appreciate a good sci-fi movie when I see one (this is why I hardly ever go to the movies anymore). And I love to play games based on my favorite movies and TV series, even if they are casual like… well, like slot machines. Today I’d like to show you my favorite ones, those you can play free (or for real, as I do) over at WinTingo: sv.wintingo.com.

Battlestar Galactica

“Starbuck, what do you hear? Nothing but the rain, sir”.

Battlestar Galactica is, without a doubt, the best SF tv series of the century so far. Nothing comes close to its value – not to mention its amazing soundtrack, signed by the creative genius known as Bear McCreary. I am a huge Galactica fan (maybe because I saw the whole original series on Sky One when I was just 10), so stumbling upon its slot machine version over at WinTingo was a huge – and pleasant – surprise.

Although it’s not one of the latest games to be released, it is still among the best looking slot machines I’ve ever played. Maybe it’s because the visuals, or the McCreary soundtrack, but I find it incredibly atmospheric, and massively entertaining. Maybe it’s because of the cut scenes, or perhaps the familiar faces, but playing this game always reminds me of the time I first saw the mini-series. Whichever the cause, Battlestar Galactica is – and will always be – one of my preferred casual games, one that I will always return to.

Cosmic Fortune

Although this might not show at first sight, I’m older than the internet, but even when I was a child, I appreciated a good video game. This is perhaps the reason why I became an instant fan of Cosmic Fortune when it hit the WinTingo Casino.

Inspired by the pixelated “space invaders” style games of the ancient times, it combines two game – a slot machine, a pachinko (which is basically a Japanese slot machine) – with the classic “fight your way to the boss” gameplay. It’s a “reactor” style game, which means that all winning symbols disappear from the reels. The fact that it comes with a handful of jackpots makes the game even more attractive.

Where can you try them?

If it wasn’t obvious from the start, I’ll tell you: head over to the WinTingo Casino website, use the search box on the right to locate them, click “free play” and go. Or, if you feel more adventurous, you can click Real Play, too – in this case, the cash you win might become real…

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