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James Carpinello Cast As Mario Falcone On Gotham

by Dave Elliott
James Carpinello Cast As Mario Falcone On Gotham

James Carpinello Cast As Mario Falcone On Gotham

A new member of the Falcone family is set to make an appearance when Gotham returns in the Autumn. James Carpinello (The Mob Doctor, The Good Wife) has been cast as Mario Falcone, son of mob boss Carmine Falcone in season 3 of the pre-Batman drama.

Mario has alway been the ‘Michael Corleone’ of the Falcone family in the comics. Desperate to try and move the family business away from the gangster life and go legit, he always gets pulled back into the quagmire. The Gotham version of the character follows a similar path, having gone to an Ivy League college and become an ER doctor. He’s described as “kind, honest and trustworthy”, making him very much the black-sheep of the Falcone family.

According the the official character description “his arrival in Gotham will create major waves in the personal life of Jim Gordon, who at the end of Season 2 left town to find and win back his pregnant fiancee Lee.” So, it rather sounds like Jim will have a rival for his baby mama’s affections when he catches up with her. I wonder if this rivalry could be something that pushes the goodie-two-shoes Mario back into the corrupt arms of his family?…

It also opens up the possibility of bringing in other Falcone family members. Carmine Falcone was of course a prominent character in season 1, played by John Doman, before the character retired to escape the rising villain population. However, there are a number of other interesting people in the Falcone family tree, most notably, Alberto Falcone, Mario’s brother, who is believed to be the serial killer, Holiday.

Carpinello is probably best know for his work on The Good Wife, The Mob Doctor, and a short stint on Person Of Interest, which stars his real-life wife (and Whedon alumni), Amy Acker.

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