Home TV News Nashville Is Having A Moving Sale!

Nashville Is Having A Moving Sale!

by Dave Elliott
Nashville Is Having A Moving Sale!

Nashville Is Having A Moving Sale!

We know we have a lot of Nashville fans out there so I thought it would be worth pointing out this little sale that popped up on eBay, courtesy of VIP Fan Auctions. Nashville are having a moving sale, allowing fans to buy selected props and items from the first 4 seasons!

As we reported recently, Nashville has switched networks in the US, after it was cancelled by ABC, then picked up by CMT & Hulu. As part of the move, they’ve decided to sell off some of the old props & wardrobe they no longer need. You know what it’s like when you move. Always discovering you have way more stuff than you thought. So why lug all that extra gear to a new location, when you can sell it off, and make some fans very happy!

Want to own a dress worn by Hayden Panettiere, or ‘shirt and pants’ worn by Connie Britton? Or maybe Juliette Barnes’s Pregnancy, Postpartum & Divorce Set, including a baby scan and divorce papers? All are available to buy right now.

Each auction item is listed for 7 day, and the stock will change each week up until 27th July 2016.

You can find all the items here at VIP Fan Auctions

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