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SDCC: Sherlock Season 4 Trailer Arrives

by Dave Elliott

Sherlock episodes may be few and far between, but that only looks to more anticipation when anything new for the show drops, such as a shiny new Season 4 trailer!

This sneaky look at the upcoming series dropped during the Sherlock panel at San Diego Comic-Con today. “Something’s coming…” says the detective, and that something could very well be the return of Andrew Scott as Moriarty.

If you remember, Sherlock is currently in exile from his homeland, however it appears that exile has been lifted so he can return and help on an investigation. It’s rather pleasing to see the show go back to it’s darker roots, rather than the lighter more recent outings.

Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman are of course back as Holmes & Watson, and Mark Gatiss returns as Mycroft. The trailer also gives a glimpse of Toby Jones as a new villain, will a particularly villainous laugh!

Sherlock is due to return in 2017. We don’t have an exact date yet, but the last few seasons have launched on 1st January, so that’s a distinct possibility!

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