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The Man In The High Castle Returns In December For Season 2

by Dave Elliott

Amazon Prime’s drama The Man In The High Castle will return 16th December it has been announced.

Based on Philip K. Dick’s 1963 novel, the show tells the story of an alternative timeline where the Nazi’s won WWII. This resulted in the USA being spilt down the middle, with the eastern half going to Germany, the west side to Japan, and a neutral zone/’no mans land’ in the middle. When a young woman comes into possession of a film which appears to show the Allies winning the war, most see it as dangerous and illegal propaganda being collected by the mysterious ‘Man In The High Castle’. But who is creating these films, and where are they coming from?…

Things haven’t all been rosy behind the scenes on the production, after season 1 showrunner Frank Spotnitz left due to ‘creative differences’ over the direction of the production. It’s not been clear who’s actually who is running things there now. When a reporter put that question to ‘HIgh Castle’ EP David Zucker at the Television Critics Association summer press tour yesterday, his response was “We’re running in many ways like a republic”, which is somewhat ironic given the show’s subject matter. He went on to say “At this point we have a system that’s working as good as we can make it, to make the best show possible. There are senior powers in every aspect of the realisation of the show, and that frankly is something Frank himself instituted. I don’t know how somebody could accomplish something of this ambition without putting incredible stock in what your cast has to say, to your keys, to your designers, to your directors.”

However, possibly hinting at one of the reasons for Spotnitz departure, he later did add “No one would choose to build a show this way.” Production for the series is split across filming in Vancouver, writing in London, and editing in LA. “Very honestly, this is the most complicated show I’ve ever been associated with,” continued Zucker. “It is almost, more than any other series, the sum of the parts.”

Moving back in front of the camera, Sebastian Roché, probably best know as the daddy of The Originals, Mikael Mikaelson, and Balthazar on Supernatural, has landed the role of Reichsminister Martin Heusmann for the second season, father of Joe Blake (Luke Kleintank – Gossip Girl).

The Man In The High Castle will arrive on Amazon Prime in the UK, 16th December 2016.


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