The Man In The High Castle

Country of Origin: USA

UK TV Premiere Date

Latest/Next UK Season: 4 (Final)

Latest/Next UK TV Air Date: 15 November 2019

UK Channel: Amazon Prime

Previous UK Premiere Dates

Season 1 – Amazon Prime Video – 20 November 2015

Season 2 – Amazon Prime Video – 16 December 2016

Season 3 – Amazon Prime Video – 05 October 2018

US TV Premiere Date [BETA]

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Latest/Next US Season: 4 (Final)

Latest/Next US TV Air Date: November 15, 2019

US Channel: Amazon Prime US

Previous US Premiere Dates


Final Season: 4 (Final)



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Additional Airing Notes:

Based on the Philip K Dick novel, this series presents a bleak alternate timeline where the Nazis won the War (as opposed to the bleakness of rampant nationalism and religious extremism). Set, of course, in America, the former USA has been split (much as Germany was in reality) between the Japanese, the Nazis, with a neutral zone in between.

Trailer for The Man In The High Castle