Home TV News The Flash Adds Fargo’s Joey King as ‘Magenta’

The Flash Adds Fargo’s Joey King as ‘Magenta’

by Dave Elliott
The Flash Adds Fargo's Joey King as 'Magenta'

The Flash Adds Fargo’s Joey King as ‘Magenta’

Some more casting news for The Flash dropped today when it was revealed that Joey King would be playing meta-human Magenta in the upcoming 3rd season. King is probably best know for her roles as Greta Grimly in Fargo Season 2, and Sam in Independence Day: Resurgence.

In the comic books, Frances ‘Frankie’ Kane was a childhood friend, and later girlfriend, of Wally West. She has the power to ability to control metal (basically a female Magneto), and at one point was a member of the Teen Titans where she took the title of Magenta. Over the years, a darkness inside her boiled over, turning her into a villain, leading to a battle with Wally/Flash in Star City baseball stadium. She disappeared after that incident, later re-emerging as a hero for a time, then a villain again as part of the New Rogues.

It will be interesting to see what they do with this character. Whether she will start off as a friend of Wally’s, and if she ends up going off the rails and becoming a member of the Rogues group which is forming on the show. As we know, Wentworth Miller appears to be back to his bad old self as Captain Cold, and we recently had Grey Damon announced as Mirror Master, and Ashley Rickards as Top. Other members of the ‘Rogues’ super villain group we’ve already seen who could pop up again include Weather Wizard (Liam McIntyre/Chad Rook), Pied Piper (Andy Mientus), Golden Glider (Peyton List) Trickster (Mark Hamill/Devon Graye), and Heat Wave (Dominic Purcell).

Created by Marv Wolfman and George Perez, Magenta first appeared in New Teen Titans #17 in 1982.

The Flash should return to Sky 1 in the Autumn.

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