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The Flash Casts ‘Top’, Arrow Casts ‘Human Target’

by Dave Elliott
The Flash Casts 'Top', Arrow Casts 'Human Target'

The Flash Casts ‘Top’, Arrow Casts ‘Human Target’

The Flash has added another Rogue, and Arrow has picked up another vigilante it has been announced.

Top will be coming to The Flash, however, if you’re familiar with the character in the comic books, this version will be somewhat different. The main change being that they’ve cast a female in the role. Ashley Rickards (Awkward, One Tree Hill) will play Rosalind ‘Rosa’ Dillon (Roscoe Dillon in the books), a villain with the ability to spin at incredible speeds, allowing them to deflect bullets, and make people’s head’s spin, causing vertigo. Top also has a collection of ‘trick tops’ (much like Green Arrow’s trick arrow, but with spinning tops!)

This version of the character will arrive with Grey Damon’s Mirror Master, and is described as “Bonnie to Mirror Master’s Clyde”.

Over on ArrowWil Traval (Once Upon a Time, Jessica Jones) will be playing Christopher Chance aka Human Target. He is a bodyguard and master of disguise, who can assume the identity of people who are targeted by assassins. In this case his client is Star City’s Mayor, Oliver Queen…

If Human Target sounds familiar, that’s possibly because the DC character has already been the subject of two tv shows. The first in 1992 starring Rick Springfield, which only lasted for 7 episodes, and the slightly more successful 2010 series starring Mark Valley, which ran for 2 seasons. You’ll be able to see Wil Traval’s version of the character in Arrow episode 5.5.

The Flash & Arrow, along with Legends Of Tomorrow and Supergirl, are all expected to return to Sky 1 this Autumn.

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