Frederick Schmidt Cast As Metallo In Supergirl

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31 Aug 16
Frederick Schmidt Cast As Metallo In Supergirl

Frederick Schmidt Cast As Metallo In Supergirl

Another week, and another casting announcement from the DC TV shows. Starred Up actor Frederick Schmidt has landed the role of John Corben, aka Metallo, in the new season of Supergirl.

Metallo is a classic Superman villain, who first appeared in 1959. There have been various histories for John Corben over the years, from being a con-man who is saved by a crazy professor, to murdering  journalist, to a sergeant in the army. In each case he’s ended up in some form of ‘battlesuit’ powered by Kryptonite. The extra strength given to him by the suit, mixed with the effect Kryptonite has on Kryptonians makes him a formidable opponent for Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) and Superman (Tyler Hoechlin).

Supergirl’s version sees Corben arrive as an assassin, only to be near-fatally stopped by the Kryptonian cousins. He is then revived by a mysterious organisation, who turn him into the kryptonite-powered supervillain we come to know from the comics.

This isn’t the first time Metallo has appeared in live-action on our screens. He was first seen played by Michael Callan in the late-80’s Superboy series, and also popped up on Lois & Clark played by Scott Valentine. However, the most well known version was probably in Smallville, played by 90210’s Brian Austin Green.

Supergirl is set to return late October 2016 to Sky 1.