The Walking Dead: Did Maggie Meet Lucille? Is Rick Losing A Hand?

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10 Oct 16

This weekend saw Comic Con arrive in New York, and with it a whole load of panels for upcoming tv show. One of those was the much anticipated return of The Walking Dead

When we left our Rick-led Alexandrians at the end of season 6, they were in quite a predicament. They’ve finally come face-to-face with Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), leader of the Survivors, and his beloved ‘Lucille’… A barbed wire covered baseball bat. In the final moments of the episode, with the Alexandrians lined up, kneeling on the ground, we see Negan swing Lucille down on the head of one of the group, but then had a painful wait to see who took the blow… However, now a bit more footage has been released, which may shed some light on things…

The video above between Negan and Rick (Andrew Lincoln) appears to be immediately after the bludgeoning takes place. Take a look at Rick’s face:


There is blood splatter on his right cheek. As any Dexter fan will know, blood splatter can reveal a lot about a crime. In this case it seems to imply the person the bought it was to Rick’s right side. So who was there?


Maggie (Lauren Cohan…. NOOOO!) Now this is Walking Dead, and the producers are wilier than wile e coyote, so this could be a mis-direct. However, comments from people in the NYCC panel room, and a few slips in interviews seem to back up this theory. Lauren was on the panel and Chris Hardwick, who was chairing the panel, asked a question about whether Maggie would be coping better if she wasn’t so ill when they met Negan. She goes on to give a very emotional but rather rambling answer about how the show is bigger than us, and how it’s a privilege to be a part of it for so long… You can see it in the queued up panel video below shot by YouTuber Andrew Ramallo:

That seems like a very emotional response to a relatively simple question… Hardwick also slips slightly at one point saying “Glenn & Maggie were…” before correcting it to “are…” Maybe nothing. Maybe something. Also look at the teaser clip again. That seems to be Maggie’s ring on the floor.


If not Maggie, the next person in the line up in Abraham, which would also fit in with earlier rumours. A few months ago, Michael Cudlitz who plays Abraham, replied to a tweet from Josh McDermitt (Eugene) saying “I had a blast working with you…”. Note the past tense… before amending it 10 mins later to just say “Enjoy!!”

There’s also the possibility that there is more than one character that meets Lucille in the opening of season 7. As the camera pans down in that final shot, it appears to pan over Daryl’s blanket. If Daryl (Norman Reedus) is dead, the internet will go into meltdown!

Moving on from character deaths, what about losing appendages? In the clip, we see Negan leading Rick into his trailer with Rick’s hatchet tucked in his belt. Could TV Rick be catching up with comic book Rick and about to lose his hand? In the comic books, Rick loses his hand courtesy of The Governor, but that didn’t happen on the show. At the time Andrew Lincoln has said he’s up for challenge, but that’s potentially a very expensive thing to do well on TV if you’re having to CGI a lot of shots with one of the main cast… I’m not sure hiding it in his sleeve will cut it!

However, there is a lot of talk about ‘right-hand man’ between the two adversaries, and that is the sick sort of place Negan’s mind might go to… I’m just not entirely convinced The Walking Dead production would want to deal with having to hide Andrew’s hand for the foreseeable future. It’s not like that’s something you can reverse, although you could maybe find him an artificial hand to cover his real one…

Questions questions questions… We will finally get answers when The Walking Dead returns, Monday 24th October on Fox UK.