Top 10 Shows We Want To See Back On Our Screens

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29 Jan 17
I don't think it's a spoiler to anyone that Firefly is on this list...

I don’t think it’s a spoiler to anyone that Firefly is on this list…

With (somewhat inevitable) news that Dynasty is going to return, and with remakes, reboots, returns all over our telly at the moment, I thought it would be time to update my TOP TEN wish list for 2017 – the shows I’d love to see return in some form.

And before we get stuck in, let me tell you Dynasty isn’t on the list…

10. Jericho (2006 – 2008, 2 Seasons)

American life in a post-apocalyptic world – this was a prime example of a very good show falling foul of US ratings. It never had the chance to hit its stride and it’s annoying that we never learned more about the background to that world. There’s definitely more story to tell.

9. Terra Nova (2011, 1 Season)

And speaking of more story to tell, here’s another prime example. TV’s Waterworld – a hugely expensive set, good story, but ultimately unsuccessful. There was a background to this story – more to learn about the world in the present day- that we never got to know about and I’d love to see it continue (although the aforementioned sets alone probably dictate this is pie in the sky)…

8. Max Headroom (1987-1988, 2 Seasons)

Well firstly, Matt Frewer is very much still with us, and still a very prolific actor. And secondly, the youth of today are even more plugged into the machine than they were back then. So modern Max, called upon once again by reporters to help uncover nasty truths about a social media giant/ a new president or whatever the story dictates. Week by week our razor sharp antihero uncovers conspiracies and ultimately tells us – why do young people keep superimposing cats ears and whiskers on their selfies?

7. The A-Team (1983 – 1987, 5 Seasons)

Sure we had the film, and I actually quite enjoyed that. It was reasonably well cast and a lot of fun. It didn’t perform well enough to generate a sequel but I think the story works better as episodic TV anyway. I also think that, instead of rebooting it to the present day, the post-Vietnam 80s setting fits better. Less technology, more handiwork. Clearly it’d have to be a reboot of sorts as George Peppard is long gone. Whilst casting would be key, as with all these reboots, the cool thing that fans want, is to see the originals on screen again. How cool would it be to see the new BA Baracus sitting on a plane in the opening scene, moaning about flying and saying “I hate flying” , then the camera zooms out a little and the man behind him (played by Mr T, the coolest man on the planet) says “me too, sucker.”

6. Quantum Leap (1989 – 1993, 5 Seasons)

Well, MacGyver is back and it aired about the same time. Plus, time travel is a “thing” again in TV land – I’m quite enjoying Timeless. After the bittersweet ending of the original series, how wonderful would it be to see Sam and Al back together once more. Again, a limited series might work, and set in the present day. Ziggy would obviously have to be an app and tech would have improved, but the premise could remain ableist now they could have Sam jumping “back” to the late 80s and preventing the invention of the shell suit.

5. Magnum P.I. (1980 – 1988, 8 Seasons)

ABC currently are actually toying with a reboot of Magnum P.I. using Magnum’s daughter as the lead. However, Tom Selleck certainly doesn’t look like he’s aged over 35 years since Magnum first fired up his Ferrari on Hawaii. He’d easily still nail the role. He and his moustache are still busy with Blue Bloods, but that’s in its 7th season now and you know me – 8 is sufficient for american full series. Alongside Selleck, the original cast – Rick, TC and even Higgins are all still alive, so I would suggest not having a reboot, but having a follow-up with the original cast. Theorists have hypothesised about the identity of Robin Masters – was it Higgins or even Magnum himself (although he was originally voiced by Orson Welles). I’d be inclined to have the new series take place on the occasion of Robin Masters return after 35 years, and obviously I’d have Masters played by William Shatner…

4. Friends (1994 – 2004, 10 Seasons)

Yes I know many of you will tell me that the cast are too old, too successful and that Friends was about life in their twenties and not in their 50s (as they’d be by the time it went to air). And clearly it wouldn’t work as a reboot with a new cast. But somehow I still cling to the notion of a 50 year old Joey walking into Chandler and Monica’s house and saying “how You doin?…” Obviously it’d need some exceptionally good writing, but a limited series, say 13 episodes beginning with Rachel’s 50th birthday or something, I do think it could be done and done well.

3. Blackadder (1983 – 1989, 4 Seasons, plus some specials)

Now you knew this was going to be on the list. In its prime, scenes from Blackadder were (and still are) amongst the funniest ever to grace our screens. Sadly we wouldn’t be able to have Rik Mayall’s Flashheart back but there are plenty of options. Options which, in intervening years, have been discussed ad infinitum. As it stands, Rowan Atkinson probably doesn’t need the work but I’m not convinced his work since concluding Blackadder has come even close. Given the last proper series ended with the First World War, there’s plenty historical inspiration. WWII obviously, the finance industry (either during Mrs Thatcher’s era or the more recent crisis – imagine Blackadder as the CEO of an RBS style bank with Baldrick as his hapless PA). The choices are endless, the key would as ever be terrific writing, but the payoff could easily be the biggest thing on British TV so far this century. (Editors note: If you are missing Blackadder, I would urge you to checkout Upstart Crow, which is as close to a ‘spiritual successor’ we’ve had so far.)

2. Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987 – 1994, 7 Seasons)

Wait, bear with me here. Yes I know Star Trek is finally coming back to the small screen in the form of Star Trek: Discovery and that is excellent… very excellent! And I know we have the reboot film series (which desperately needs a William Shatner cameo). But out of all the Star Trek TV and film series, Next Generation is the best one (Editor’s note: Deep Space Nine was better, but this is Andrew’s list… 😉). The original one is dated, Voyager was weak, I can’t remember much about Enterprise and the one on the space station wasn’t good Star Trek (Editor’s note: Blasphemy!) – I mean they’re supposed to GO places.

Yep, ST:TNG was the best one (Editor’s note: in Andrew’s opinion…). It wasn’t perfect. Wesley Crusher was very irritating and Q was nothing like his James Bond namesake. Q was Star Trek’s Jar Jar Binks (Editor’s note: Ouch… harsh!). But Next Gen introduced us to the Borg (nemesis not of John McEnroe but of Captain Picard). Ah, Picard. Whilst the main casting of Next Gen was “okay”, my enjoyment of it was largely down to the gravitas of Sir Patrick – a proper actor in Lycra. I’d LOVE to see a Next Gen miniseries in the correct timeline showing the Next Gen crew now, in their 60s/70s. One final mission (well THAT idea has been done before in the Star Trek universe).

1. Firefly (2002, 1 glorious season and a movie)

What can I say about this. Even before you started reading this article, you knew this was going to be top of the list- it’d hardly be Geektown otherwise.. The original series was cut far too short, and despite the excellent Serenity film, I am not the only one that wants to see more adventures of Joss Whedon’s space cowboys. And after 8 years of Castle, Nathan Fillion should finally be free again.

So there you have it. That’s my wishlist. Do you agree? Do you have an overwhelming need to tell me I’m wrong? Leave a comment or tweet me @GeekTownAndrew.