TV Shows & Films about Horse Racing

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11 Jun 18
TV Shows & Films about Horse Racing

TV Shows & Films about Horse Racing

Who doesn’t love horses? Watching those glorious beasts gallop with their mane flowing through the wind like cotton candy is surely a sight to behold. Even before dogs became man’s best friend, horses used to have the same importance in our lives. The love and admiration for horses is also reflected in popular TV shows and movies. From historic adaptation of war scenes to horse racing, there are several shows and movies about horse racing. Here are some of the most popular and exciting media representations of horse racing

Ruffian (2007)

It would be fair to suggest that Ruffian is one of the most underrated movies about horse racing. Based on a real-life story of the thoroughbred filly who actually ruled horse races during the 1970s. In an era where male horses (and humans) were given more importance, this horse reshaped the gender dynamics of horse racing just the way early feminists fought for their right to vote. Ruffian’s ability to win against all odds made her quite an intriguing aspects for betters. Had she been alive today, she would get a lot of attention in the Grand National betting. Although, on second thought, she would probably be too old to be even run. Nevertheless, if you are into horse racing, this movie will certainly enthral you with one of the finest and exciting stories ever.


Everyone loves a good success story, especially when it involves an underdog. Seabiscuit is a 2003 movie named after the horse, the main protagonist. The story starts with a horse which is overlooked, underestimated and overshadowed by his peers. But in a dramatic turn of events, Seabiscuit proves that he has got it what it takes to be champion as he gallops ahead of everyone else to reach the finish line. The movie, in a way, tells us that at times it is worth playing the odds by backing the underdog.


Just like the Ruffian and the Seabiscuit, the Secretariat is also based on a true story. But unlike the other two, the Secretariat had all the ingredients of becoming a legendary racing horse with the right shire. This movie adaptation tells the story of how initially no one wanted him but once he started winning races and became the first Triple Crown Winner. Being the greatest racehorse in his time, the Secretariat would have garnered great interest in betting circles, as most people tend to back favourites. Regardless, it’s a fascinating movie with great cinematography involving actual footage as well.

Peaky Blinders

This list cannot be complete without the inclusion of one of the finest TV shows of recent times – Peaky Blinders. Set in the 1920s, the show represents the lives of a criminal family living in Birmingham. As criminals and gangsters often purchase properties and horses to launder their illicitly earned money, this show also involves several horse racing scenes. From betting scenes to shady criminal dealings, the entire show is a masterpiece. It certainly has enough horse racing scenes to woo those who love watching these beautiful creatures on screen.