We’re Back ‘Reviewing Westeros’ On The Game Of Thrones Podcast – Eps. 801 ‘Winterfell’

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17 Apr 19
We're Back 'Reviewing Westeros' On The UK Game Of Thrones Podcast - Eps. 801 ‘Winterfell’

We’re Back ‘Reviewing Westeros’ On The UK Game Of Thrones Podcast – Eps. 801 ‘Winterfell’

Game Of Thrones is back, so that means we’ve teamed up with Entertainment Talk once again for Reviewing Westeros, the Game Of Thrones podcast, to discuss the events in episode 801 – ‘Winterfell’.

As we hurtle towards the final end of the epic HBO series, 801 is an episode of reunions for both the fans and the residents of Westeros. Winter is most definitely here. As old friends and foes bury their differences and gather in Winterfell, the ancestral home of the Starks, The Night King is threatening to attack from the north, whilst Cersei schemes at King’s Landing in the south. Things are only going to get worse before they get better… If they do actually get better!

On the show, we ask the important questions. Can the living beat the dead? Will Jon tell Daenerys that their “boat sex” tryst was a little more in the Targaryen tradition than either of them originally planned? Will they go on to make a ‘Whole New World’ music video, but on dragons rather than a flying carpet? Will anyone ever move poor Bran “I’m the 3-eyed Raven you know” Stark out of that courtyard? Find out on the podcast!


You can listen to the podcast episode above, or over on the Entertainment Talk website, where you’ll find a whole bunch of other great content, including Matt and Robert’s Random Gaming Talk, Matt Discovering Star Trek, podcast reviews of the DC/CW superhero shows, and lots more.