How Classic UK TV Is Inspiring The Best Online Slots Software Developers

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30 Sep 19
How classic UK TV is inspiring the best online slots software developers

How classic UK TV is inspiring the best online slots software developers

If you’ve been playing online slots recently, you might have noticed the increasing number of slot games inspired by British television shows. From comedies to drama, game shows to reality TV, the best of British telly is enjoying a new lease of life in the form of online slots. But what is the reason for this phenomenon? Why are online slot software developers looking to hit UK TV shows for source material to base new games on?

Top developers

If you’re not sure who the best online casino software developers are, then gives a rundown. Basically, these are the companies that conceive, design and produce the online games that we all love to play. The likes of Microgaming, Evolution Gaming and Playtech know exactly what qualities a game has to have in order for it to be a hit, and they know how to design software that provides the right balance of exciting gameplay, fun entertainment, and a pay-out rate that keeps players coming back for more.

Standing out

The appeal of online slots lies with their simplicity. The basics of the game don’t change very much, so what are the qualities that differentiate a popular hit from a fly-by-night dud? The underlying gaming software is definitely important: some slots are just easier and more fun to play than others, precisely because they’ve been well-designed, whereas others are clunky and full of glitches. However, the average player won’t know this until they’re well into a game. In order to attract players in the first place, a slot has to have that extra something to make it stand out from the crowd.

Success breeds success

One easy and obvious way to draw attention to a new slot is to piggyback on the success of an existing franchise. This is the main reason why so many slot games are based on existing films, TV shows and comic books: for example, the popular Game of Thrones slot.

Basing a game on an existing property conveys an immediate sense of familiarity to the potential player. In one sense, adapting a movie, say, into an online slot follows the same logic as merchandising: it’s simply cashing in on the popularity of a hit in one medium by translating it into another. The best game adaptations go further though and expand on the original premise of their inspiration. Some properties translate to online slots more readily than others, but at best a slot game can add a new dimension to an already well-loved story or character.

UK market

This explains why software developers are basing games on TV shows. But why are they looking to UK TV shows in particular? The answer may lie with the fact that the UK represents one of the most hotly contested online gaming markets in the world and developers are desperate to appeal to British players.

The UK has the biggest regulated online gambling market in the world. This is largely due to sensible legislation that recognises the benefits of fairly taxed online gaming within a regulatory framework that minimises the risk of fraudulent operators and protects the vulnerable. British people, meanwhile, are known worldwide for their love of games. They like to play, and they like to win. For all of these reasons, software developers are keen to win the hearts and minds of the UK online gaming market. What better way to do this than to develop slots based on popular and much-loved British TV shows?

Endless possibilities

It has to be said that British TV presents many possibilities for adaptation. Game shows have always been big in the UK, and are obvious choices to turn into slots. Microgaming has taken one of the most quintessentially British of game shows, Bullseye, and turned it into a highly popular online slot, complete with the original catchy theme tune and commentary from original host Jim Bowen, including many of his famous catchphrases. Back in the 1980s, Bullseye was known for distinctive prizes such as caravans and speedboats, and these are featured as symbols in the game, alongside the show’s mascot, Bully.

Another example is the Britain’s Got Talent slot from Ash Gaming. Somewhat more up to date than Bullseye, here you can choose the type of act you want to take to the finals, let the spin of a wheel decide who’s going to represent you, and let audience applause boost your winnings.

There’s no shortage of great UK TV shows to adapt, so we can look forward to many more online slots in a similar vein. So far, British players have mostly taken to these games as the developers have hoped they would, proving that a great idea can translate into any medium.