Looking Back On The 2010s: How Online Slots Have Changed

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17 Dec 19

Looking Back On The 2010s: How Online Slots Have Changed

The first online slot machines were created in the early 90s. They were typically pretty basic slots, modeled after the traditional fruit slots of earlier decades. But as technology started to improve, so did online slots. It wasn’t too long before slots became compatible with all types of devices, like smartphones and tablets, in addition to computers. Then the games really started to take off. And all of these tech improvements are a huge factor as to why the industry is booming right now.

As we start a new decade, let’s take a look at how online slots have changed over the past decade. After all, they’ve come a long way in ten years.

Better Graphics

Like other online games, slots have majorly benefited from advancements in technology, and they now commonly include the latest features and incredible graphics. Improved graphics are one of the main selling points for new games, from eSports, to mobile games, to casino games. Long gone are the days of pixelated graphics, even for online slots. Slots now have more complex, rich, and colorful designs. And better visuals means better gameplay — and more themed games.

More Themes

The last ten years have brought with them far more themed slots, with new slots themes constantly being released. Now that the tech and graphics are better, online slots are able to experiment with more complex themes. They’re often based on popular TV shows and movies, and include elaborate storylines, better sound effects, and realistic gameplay.

More Features

Besides gameplay features like those mentioned above, many online slots now include new features like autoplay, cascading reels, stacked wilds, and split icons. The addition of all of these features keeps players interested and invested. The games are a lot more complex than they used to be, and they now more closely resemble traditional video games.

New Slots

Brick-and-mortar casinos need physical slot machines, and they can only store so much at once on the floor — and offer only so many new machines. Online slots don’t have these limitations. Plus, developers are able to create new slots at a faster pace, so that means new slots are constantly being released. So the last decade has brought a lot more slots to gamers around the world.

Mobile Gaming

The 2010s were when smartphone gaming started to really develop and improve. With the introduction of mobile slots, gamers no longer had to limit themselves to playing on a computer at home or a laptop — they could play slots more easily while on the go. Instead of listening to music or playing Tetris on a commute, gamers could actually play some of their favorite slots. And like online slots, mobile slots really came into their own over the past decade and are now equipped with better graphics, sound effects, storylines, themes, and overall gameplay.

More Promotions

Many online casinos offer a number of exclusive promotions and bonuses for slots players. This is far more common now than it was ten years ago, and it will likely become even more common in the future. It’s a great way to bring in new customers and retain current ones because it offers them more of an incentive to play.

The Future of Online Slots

Going into the 2020s and beyond, how will online slots evolve further? Right now, gaming companies are experimenting with virtual casino games. The most popular virtual casino game at the moment is PokerStars VR, which allows players to play poker in all types of virtual worlds with people from all over the world.

Soon, we might start to see virtual casinos where all of the classic casino games — slot machines included — are available. Gamers will even be able to walk around the virtual casino, order food and drinks, and talk with other casino guests. This will be more accessible and fun for gamers and allow them to have the brick-and-mortar casino experience from the comfort of their homes.