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Is Online Blackjack Any Good?

by Jason Smith

Is Online Blackjack Any Good? (Image: pdpics.com)

Blackjack is one of the most iconic casino games out there. Thought to have originated in French casinos in the 1700s, the card game (which is known as a banking game, because players play against a banker) has enjoyed worldwide fame almost ever since. In fact, it rapidly became one of the most popular choices at gambling tables.

But as the rise of online casinos brings many of us away from physical tables and onto our phones, our classic casino favourites have also made the shift towards virtualisation. We can probably all see the appeal of quick-fire online slot games, which can while away time spent in a bus queue or on our way to work. However, many people feel dubious about playing online table games.

If you’ve read a review of Playtech’s perfect blackjack and are wondering how much excitement the game retains behind a screen, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll explain why online blackjack is a great alternative to playing in person – and quell any concerns you might have about the game.

Is online blackjack rigged? 

Something that puts many prospective blackjack players off from playing online is the idea that casinos can rig games. When the probability of the gameplay is determined by an algorithm, it’s concerning to think that your online casino has skewed the odds in their favour. But is there any truth to this?

Although less reputable sites may well have substantial inbuilt bias, any casino that has been licensed by the UK Gambling Commission will be fair. The Commission regulates casinos for factors such as reputability, so if you stick to playing on recognised sites, you don’t need to worry.

Blackjack typically has a low house edge of 0.5% – so it’s actually one of the fairest games you can play, both on and offline. This edge increases if you don’t have a good strategy, so it’s worth doing your research to find one that maximises your chance of a return.

Can you play live blackjack?

If you feel that playing online will rob you of the classic casino atmosphere, you should check out a live blackjack experience. This will enable you to play your favourite game via a livestream, which is usually streamed direct a platform such as Twitch or on a casino’s website.

Live blackjack is perfect if you want the excitement of Monte Carlo without having to leave the comfort of your living room. By playing against a live dealer – and even interacting with them – you can capture the casino atmosphere at any time of day.

What are your chances of making a return with online blackjack? 

As we mentioned earlier, the house edge for blackjack is typically 0.5 – but at some casinos, this is even lower. Microgaming’s Classic Blackjack, for example, clocks in at a staggeringly low 0.13%! (Compare that to some poker games, which can have a house edge of 2.91%).

As a result, online blackjack is an excellent way to take advantage of the welcome bonuses that are offered by most casinos. Many casino bonuses come with wagering requirements, some of which state that you must wager a certain amount before being able to access any winnings you’ve made as a result of your bonus.

Luckily, blackjack’s low house edge makes this far easier than other games. Because your chances of winning are theoretically higher than games with a tougher house edge, you can wager more money in-play without the same risk of losing everything.

Next time you feel like a flutter, why not take a chance on a game of online blackjack?

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