Sell Your Mobile Phone To Generate Some Extra Cash

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26 Nov 20

Sell Your Mobile Phone To Generate Some Extra Cash

Selling old mobile phones is one of the common concerns with most mobile users. Whenever a new model gets released in the market, it is natural for people to buy them right away. In such cases, it makes sense to sell the older one and get some quick cash in return. You can expect a decent amount if you have a device that you have maintained well. The amount you receive can also cover the purchase cost of the new handset to some extent. Let us take a look at how you can sell your old mobile phones.

How does the sell your mobile phone for cash process work?

If you are looking to sell your mobile phone for cash, it is a fairly straightforward process. Here are some steps involved.

  • Finding the buyer

To begin with, you will have to look for buyers that that can offer you the maximum price for your old device. There are several marketplaces and specialist mobile buying companies, which are more favourable. You can receive your free quote by specifying the condition of your old mobile phone. If you like the price, you can add your personal details and address to get the packaging from the buyer.

  • Send the package

Upon receiving the package, you will have to assemble the handset, accessories and fill any form regarding the important details about yourself and the handset. You will then have to ship it to the buyer.

  • Wait for the payment

The buyer will inspect the handset upon receiving the package. They will check whether the condition of the handset is the same as what was advertised. The offer amount will get lowered if there are discrepancies in the condition. You can reject the offer if you are unhappy with the price. The buyer would then send across your handset free of cost in most cases. If you decide to go ahead with the revised offer, you can expect the payment within a few days.

What things should I keep in mind before selling mobile phone?

Here are few important things to keep in mind before you sell your mobile phone.

  • Getting the best price

It is essential to conduct thorough research before selling mobile phone. The market is quite competitive, so you can expect a better rate. The rates would vary with each buyer so get a quote from various places. Features like inbuilt memory space can directly impact the price on offer. If you have a handset with 128GB internal capacity, you can expect a higher price than what you can get for one that has 64GB. You can also keep an eye out for promotional deals or mobile recycling companies.

  • Inspect the handset

Before selling your handset, make sure you inspect it thoroughly for dents or any other damages. It can give you a good idea of how much you can expect to receive in return. Be clear about any damages so that there aren’t any issues at the later stage. Hiding about dents or any other negative aspect is not advisable as the buyer will anyway cancel the deal upon knowing the discrepancy.

  • Reset your phone

If you do not want your personal data landing in the hands of a stranger, you need to reset the phone before selling it. Whether you are an Android or Apple user, resetting the phone is a simple process. In some cases, buyback companies will not accept the handset if it still has data. Back up the data to a secure location before you reset the device. You can then restore the data in your new device at a later stage.

Where to get the best price for your old mobile phones

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