Most Anticipated Games of 2021 You’ve Probably Heard Of

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05 Mar 21

Most Anticipated Games of 2021 You’ve Probably Heard Of

Every year, you can expect new triple-A title video games to be released to console and computer. While 2020 was a slight disappointment when it came to game releases, 2021 looks to change that with a ton of popular games. If these games can even live up to a bit of the hype they have produced, you can expect an exciting year full of gaming fun. Here are some of the most anticipated games of 2021.

Back 4 Blood

Seen as the spiritual successor to the Left 4 Dead series, Back 4 Blood looks to get back into the same style of gameplay the famous Valve series started. You can expect a lot of great co-op aspects and punishing gameplay if you decide to split off from the rest of your team and go about it alone. The professionals behind Gramno have already mentioned the game and have been talking about the hype surrounding it. The unfortunate thing about Back 4 Blood however is that it has gigantic shoes to fill. People have been waiting for a Left 4 Dead 3 for years now, and Back 4 Blood is going to be compared as if it is the third game. While it might have big shoes to fill, the gameplay has shown that Back 4 Blood can stand as the juggernaut to beat in terms of games in 2021.

Dying Light 2

Dying Light was another great zombie game that was released several years ago that helped perfect the parkour system. There were many different zombie survival games out at the time, but none of them seemed to have gotten the system right as much as Dying Light did. The second game is expected to release in early 2021 and barring any setbacks we should be seeing it soon. The game offers different environments and there is much more gravity regarding the decisions you make throughout the game. Overall, the game looks to improve on the previous one and give the story a much deeper feel.

Diablo 4

With Diablo 4 being announced in the recent Blizzcon event, people are starting to speculate when it is going to be released. While some do not think the game is going to be coming out for several years, others think we might see Diablo 4 by the end of the year. In terms of gameplay, Diablo 4 looks to offer a similar experience to the previous Diablos. Seeing as how Diablo 3 did not receive the best reviews, Blizzard is looking to bounce back and show that they can still make successful games in 2021.

These are three of the hottest games that are anticipated to come out in 2021. Hopefully, 2021 is not like 2020, and the games that come out live up to the hype that they are creating. Other games to look out for are games like Resident Evil Village, Elden Ring, and Balan Wonderland. Overall, there are a ton of games coming out this year in a ton of different genres, giving you the ability to find a game that you like and play it. What games are you looking forward to this year?