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Top TV Celebrities Who Love Playing Casino Games

by Jason Smith
Representation of the red carpet

Representation of the red carpet

Online casinos are a huge thing these days. Capturing millions of players by offering extensive catalogues of games, convenient payment methods and live modes, all available from mobile devices with an internet connection.

Lovers of casino gambling couldn’t be happier. Among its users, we must highlight the large number of celebrities who enjoy online casino games. In this case, we have a few celebrities that not only enjoy their visits to land casinos but they decide to take advantage of technology and bet also from anywhere, from an online casino in fact.

Charlie Sheen

First on our list is Charlie Sheen. During his divorce with Denise Richards, the news that he spent a huge amount of money on sports bets was published in all the media. Richards claimed that on the way to the hospital for the birth of his child, Sheen had bet on a sporting event, using his phone. While Charlie is usually in the mouth of the media for the wrong reasons, he’s still a great and loved actor who happens to love playing online casino games. And that made him into the list.

Ben Affleck

Picture of Batman

Picture of Batman

Our former Batman is known for being a passionate card player, Ben Affleck likes to try his luck at poker and blackjack. He is known to spend hours playing cards in land-based casinos and to tip casino employees generously. Unfortunately, he is an excellent player and having the ability to count cards had him banned from land casinos. We believe this forced him to migrate to the online counterpart.

The 48-year-old American actor, a two-time Oscar winner, has an extensive repertoire of great films. This actor, in addition to his excellent film skills, is an avid online blackjack card player.

After playing in a large number of casinos in the world, he has managed to win hundreds of thousands of dollars with online blackjack.

So, if he can you can as well! You only need to fire up your device and find an online casino of your liking to play your favourite games. You can play from tablets and phones as well as from your computer. There are always free spins and huge jackpots that may improve your day or even your life!

Matt Damon

The beloved actor Matt Damon is not only talented but as well very regarded among his peers. The little birdie told us that to prepare for his role as Mike McDermott in the movie “Rounders” (about the underground world of high-stakes poker), Matt spent a lot of money gambling. Actors are known for putting into character and preparing for movies like this. We don’t know if he still has the habit of visiting casinos for fun. That said, he did a great job on Rounders.

Tobey Maguire

Tobey Maguire is best known for portraying Spider-man. A few years ago, it was revealed he was a part of an illegal gambling ring, playing high-stakes poker with other Hollywood players. Hopefully, he’s turned to the sunny side of the street and now plays in casinos either on land or online.

Bruce Willis

The now retired celebrity, Bruce Willis, is an avid player as well, and a good one indeed. Being one of the most popular movie stars, Willis provides great casino inspiration. According to the media, he won $500,000 in Atlantic City while playing baccarat. That is not an easy task to achieve.

Gerard Piqué

This passion does not strike actors only. This soccer player of Spanish nationality, a current player of FC Barcelona in the defensive line, stands out for his fanaticism in the world of poker. He competed in several tournaments getting in 2011 one of his best triumphs, earning more than 50,000 euros.

Some betting experts consider it likely that after the player’s retirement from soccer, he could dedicate himself fully to the online casino and participate in poker tournaments professionally.

Rafael Nadal

This famous professional tennis player, current number 3 in the ATP ranking, is known for his love for poker. He has proven extensive knowledge of the game today. He started occasionally in some casinos in different parts of the world.

He landed a sponsor as a professional online player, which led him to boost his skills by taking classes with professionals in the poker arena. Currently, Rafa Nadal’s participation in different tournaments in online casinos is well known.

Pamela Anderson

Recognized actress for her acting in the Baywatch series, in addition to other films that catapulted her to fame. She is another current fan of the online casino, standing out in her favourite table game, poker. The actress declared a loss of more than 250,000 dollars betting against Rick Salomon, a professional poker player. But we believe she won in many other occasions. While we don’t see her often in movies anymore, you may cross paths with her online and play a good round of poker with her.

Harry Styles

Singer and composer who belonged to the group One Direction, has a large number of awards and nominations in the most prestigious awards. He stands out on this list because of his passion for online casino gambling. He excels at the online roulette game, where he is known to have invested a lot of money. We are not joking. To the point of having a “17 black” tattoo on his shoulder, being his number and lucky colour for online roulette. Harry has a rising acting career as well, so this multifaceted artist has yet a lot to offer.


Actors and celebrities have the same needs as us, regular people, they want to have fun. Some choose to play golf and others prefer online casinos to spend their free time and relax. The advantage of playing from anywhere allow people like them, with killer schedules, to have fun either with friends or with total strangers. Online casinos are changing the gambling world and we are ready to embrace it!

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